Sprouts Adventure Frequently Asked Questions

  Q.    What exactly is a Sprout?

A.     Sprouts are curious creatures who have lived a very long time on the Mushroom Cliffs. They have quite the spark and one thing is for sure, they need your help!


  Q.    What can Sprouts Do?

A.     Sprouts, like any other creature, need a bit of care. They do require sleep and food. However, they also need to be curious and motivated if they are to become a successful community. They need plenty of play time to recharge themselves in order to be as productive as possible.


  Q.    How long do Sprouts Live?

A.     FOREVER! Well, at least there is no record of a Sprout ever perishing...


  Q.    What do Sprouts do for fun?

A.     Sprouts can do tons of things for fun! From kicking mushroom balls around, to flying kites! You will have to help them discover all of awesome things they can do!


  Q.    When can I play Sprouts Adventure?

A.     PC Users can download it here! Mac Users can download it here!



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